How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire: Exclusive Guide for Beginner Gamers

Diamonds are the most premium in-game cash in FreeFire, and assuming you need the best interesting things, you should get them with genuine cash. Diamonds can be used to buy suits, weapons, and car skins, among other things. 

Many attractive suits and skins can only be purchased with diamonds. Since this is a superior money, jewels can't be procured essentially by playing Free Fire, in contrast to other in-game monetary standards. 

However, there are many ways to get free diamonds in Free Fire. 

If you would like to earn Free Diamonds, check out the methods below to get Free Fire Free Diamonds. 

To receive diamonds in Free Fire, users must pay with real money, either from their debit credit card or through UPI payment gateways. 

Recently, we have seen that the propensity of players to purchase paid beauty products is increasing day by day. This is why they are looking for alternatives to get paid in-app currency for free. The best way to get free diamonds in Free Fire is through Google Opinion Rewards. 

This is a very popular app as it gives users in-game credits for completing certain surveys.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire: The most effective method till now

Free Fire Diamonds are available with redemption codes, Booyah! app, Poll Pay app, Google Opinion Rewards, Easy Rewards and more. 

This is how they work:

1. How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire: Free Fire activation codes

how to get free diamonds in free fire

The most popular way to get free diamonds and other in-game items in Free Fire is by using redemption codes. Garena shares new activation codes during events and esports tournaments. Here's a step-by-step guide to getting Free Fire activation codes:

  1. Open the official Free Fire Reward Redemption website in your browser.
  2. Sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Apple ID
  3. Enter the redemption code and click "Confirm" to receive your reward.
  4. Rewards for using the Free Fire activation code will be added to your account within 24 hours.

It should be noted that Free Fire redemption codes are server specific, which means that a redemption code for an Indian server will not work on other servers. 

However, each activation code is only valid for 24 hours. To stay up to date with the latest Free Fire redemption codes, check out our special story on Free Fire redemption codes, updated whenever a new code is released.

If you don't have access to the latest Free Fire redemption codes, you can use the mobile apps to earn free diamonds. There are several apps in the Google Play Store and App Store to help you earn free diamonds in Free Fire. 

You should simply download the applications and follow the means given to procure free precious stones and use them to purchase your beloved novel things.

2. How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire: This is Booyah Application

how to get free diamonds in free fire

Garena has created Booyah!, an exclusive game content sharing app that allows users to earn Free Fire diamonds for free. All you have to do is participate in Free Fire events and contests hosted by the app. This way you will get free jewels in Free Fire and you can utilize them to purchase things from the in-game store. The application is available in the Google Play store and the App Store.

Download Booyah! application on Android | iPhone available on respective stores.

3. How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire: Google Opinion Rewards Polls

how to get free diamonds in free fire

Google Rewards Surveys app is one of the easiest ways to earn free diamonds on Free Fire. 

The app rewards users who participate in surveys. For each survey, Google gives some Google Play Credits or iTunes gift cards that you can use to buy diamonds on Free Fire for free. 

The app can be downloaded on both Android mobiles and iPhones via Google Play Store and App Store respectively.

Download the Google Opinion Rewards app for Android | iPhone

4. How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire: Poll Pay Application

how to get free diamonds in free fire

The app works the same as the Google Opinion Rewards app. To earn free diamonds in Free Fire, you need to complete some missions and participate in some quizzes. 

This way you will bring in some money rewards which will be moved to your Google Play equilibrium or iTunes gift vouchers. 

This Poll Pay application is accessible on Google Play Store and App Store.

Download Poll Pay on Android | iPhone

5. How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire: Easy Rewards App

how to get free diamonds in free fire

Easy Rewards is another GPT (get paid) app that works on the principles of Google Rewards Rewards. 

You can take surveys and quizzes to earn Google Play Credits that can be used to purchase Free Fire diamonds. 

Sadly, the application isn't accessible on the App Store or google play store at all.

Download Easy Rewards app on Android

6. How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire: Free-Fire's in-game download center

How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire

  1. Open Free Fire on your smartphone and go to the top-up center indicated by a diamond icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Now you will need to select the number of diamonds.
  3. After that, you will have to pay for those diamonds with your google play credits.
  4. Upon completion, you will receive new diamonds in your account.

The Booyah app also offers free diamonds to free throw players as well as Google Polls Rewards. 

To get diamonds and other rewards using the booyah app, you will need to perform some booyah hosted events and in return for this booyah you will be awarded different types of rewards including free diamonds for a free shot.

7. How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire: More things you can do

However, the advanced server fills up with too many entries at times. In this case, wait for the servers to reboot before you can enter. 

  • Except for a few slots for testers, the rest are open. 
  • It is easy to earn diamonds after entering the advanced server.
  • After creating your account on advanced servers, here is how you can earn Free Fire Diamonds for free:
  • Find bugs in the game and report them on the website through your account.
  • Players can procure 100 precious diamond for an effective conclusive report at the end.

Working in teams, you can report the maximum number of errors and win a huge sum of up to 3000 diamonds.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1:- How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire using Google Play Credit or Google Pay balance

To start with, open the Free Fire game on your cell phone.

how to get free diamonds in free fire

Now go to the diamond icon with the + sign at the top of the screen.

You can see a popup displaying the diamond numbers.

how to get free diamonds in free fire

Select the number of diamonds you want to buy (for example 100 diamonds).

You will now be redirected to Google Play.

how to get free diamonds in free fire

Here you really want to pick Google Play balance as your installment strategy. You can likewise add your card data to buy.

how to get free diamonds in free fire

  1. Hit the 1-tap buy button when you're done and you're all set to go.
  2. How to buy Free Fire diamonds using an iTunes gift card
  3. Open the App Store on your iPhone

Click the sign in icon or your picture in the upper right corner of the screen

how to get free diamonds in free fire

Tap Redeem Gift Card or Code

Copy or email the iTunes gift card code from the Poll Pay app, Google Surveys Rewards, and paste it by clicking "You can also enter your code manually".

how to get free diamonds in free fire

  1. Click Done and the gift card amount will be added to your Apple ID balance.
  2. Presently open Free Fire and tap on the precious diamond symbol.
  3. Choose the diamond package and continue to pay

Confirm payment using Face ID, Touch ID or manually entering your password to get Free Fire diamonds

Q2: How Does Free Fire Diamond Hack Work?

You can't break diamond or codes in Garena Free Fire as it has a strong enemy of cheat component. Precious stones hack apparatus, generator and content are inert. 

Kindly don't go to him. 

They can go after your own data and result in data leaks.

Q3: How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire in Garena Free Fire App?

There is no strategy to get Free Fire jewels. Be that as it may, you can get it free of charge assuming you utilize the Free Fire and Play Store advancement. 

Additionally, use online winning strategies to get free diamonds.

Q4: - How can I get 99999 Free Fire Diamond?

You cannot get 99999 diamonds by breaking Free Fire. So it's a waste of time as you can never get it.

Q5:- Is there any way to get Free Fire Diamonds?

There is no legitimate way to get Free Diamonds. Credit Card spam or Bin technique is the only way to source illegally. 

Q6: What is about? Is it genuine that you can get free diamond or diamond redeem codes?

As we all know free fire diamond is a site where you can get free diamonds. We cannot tell whether this site is operational or not. 

If successful, the diamond creation method will be illegal. Currently there are no scripts or tools for diamonds on this website. 

It's just a waste of time, so stay away.

Q7:- What is 50,000 Free Fire Diamond Hack?

  1. FF Diamond Hack 50000 is a cheat designed to get consumers to do an event or survey. 
  2. Users will not receive anything, but the developer will win.
  3. Please do not use fake FF Diamonds Hack sites.

Final Verdict on How to Get Free Diamonds in Free Fire:

We hope you enjoy this article. But the use of Free Fire Unlimited Diamonds Hacks is not recommended. If you encounter such a technique, please avoid it. As a result, you can legally get Free Fire Diamonds.

In addition, something imperative to remember is to avoid false and illicit destinations. 

These destinations case to furnish you with free diamond or codes to get free diamonds, and this isn't good or as per the laws. Additionally, this builds the problems of your record being prohibited. 

It is significant to avoid these sites and keep your game record 100% legitimate to play a reasonable game among the gaming local area.

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